Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dare To Dream: The Tel Aviv Handbook is here...

The Handbook For Tel Aviv
It’s here, OGAE have published the 2019 ESCzine, the must have companion to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The 168 page book comes is a nice glossy cover and is generously illustrated with pictures of the artists and other lovely snapshots.
You'll find backgrounds on all the artists and their songs and in a new approach there is a lot of trivia and interesting point-related statistics in each country’s section.

This book will last way beyond this year’s Eurovision High Season and I heartily recommend it to all you Tel Aviv Collection readers out there (and anyone else).
If you want to find out about all the artists of the Tel Aviv contest, this is only book you need.
And it looks lovely on your coffee table or office desk.

The foreword is by Jon Ola Sand.

Special thanks to Ivor Lyttle.

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