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The latest at the Tel Aviv collection

Welcome to the Tel Aviv Collection, בברכה
It’s year 11 for the Collection blogs, and this time we’re in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I know it took a while, but work on the Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018 took most of the time available the past few months.
As usual, you'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.

Always more to come, the latest updated pages are at the top of this links list. Thanks to all who have sent me info and alerts, Special thanks to Rick, to Nigel and to Krzysztof.

Finland - Darude didn't take Tel Aviv by (sand)storm? (Look away now), October remixes out now
Spain - Miki Nuñez to Tel Aviv, OT CD out now, new version, promo info, CD Amuza out now
The Netherlands - Duncan Laurence sings Arcade, Out now!
WINNER OF THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2019! Limited edition vinyl, 7" available since July 26, Shop now!
Switzerland - Dirty dancing with Luca Hänni, #1 hit, chart trivia. Greek-ish version, 7 remixes out now
San Marino We. Love. Serhat, Say Na Na Na, cdsingle now available, Album That's How I Feel out now. Sing Na Na Na auf Deutsch x 6
North Macedonia - Tamara returns after 11 years and she's proud of it. Listen to her song now. Remixes on the Tube. Winner of the Jury vote. Cyrillic remix out now
Cyprus - It's Tamta!, really, it is. Play Replay now, promo info, new acoustic version out now
Romania - Listen to the competing songs, Ester Peony On A Sunday, new version, promo & cdsingle
France - Bilal Hassani rules, Kingdom out now! prom & versions update.
Serbia Beovizija songs online, Nevena Božović wins, New version out now, versions and promo update
Albania - Jonida Maliqi won the 57th Festivali i Këngës, Single out now. Eurovision version out now, Fest 57 digital album
Italy - Mahmood wins Sanremo, Sanremo Vinyl singles,  2CD/2LP out now, Release updates. Benny Benassi mixes Soldi, CD/vinyl boxset, More remixes, More new versions, Silver for Mahmood, 100.000.000 YT views.
Malta - Michela Pace, listen to Chameleon, the last one to be released is out now, New Chameleon, spot the difference, promo info
Montenegro - Listen to the competing songs, Heaven for D Mol but no final, promo info
Hungary - A Dal CD out now, Joci gets a 2nd chance and a new version for Tel Aviv but no final, promo info
Belgium - Wake Up with Eliot Vassamillet. Acoustic version out now, promo info
Greece - Katerina Duska, Better Love out now, promo
Slovenia - Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl Dare To Dream version out now, promo info

Russia - Sergey gets a second chance, Scream today, Lightsaber remix, more remixes, Russian version
Austria - Pænda unlimited, single out now, remix, Darude gets his hands on Limits, out now.
United Kingdom - You Decided: Michel Rice to Eurovision, single out now, 7th Heaven remixes finally released

Azerbaijan - Truth! Chingiz Mustafayev, out now, Acoustic version
Sweden - MF CD, John Lundvik, it's his turn, remixes out now.
Denmark - Listen to the competing songs, Leonora wins, Strings version.
Norway - MGP songs online, KEiiNO jojks to victory, Club mix out now, Acoustic version. Norway wins the Televote.
Lithuania - Eurovizijos Dainų Konkurso Nacionalinė Atranka 2019 won by Jurijus, new version out now, who's Jurij? Remix out now.
Jurijus has an album out now.
Czech Republic - Friend of a friend rerecorded
Estonia - Listen to the competing songs, Victor Crone to Tel Aviv, Remix out now
Iceland Söngvakeppninn release, Hate will prevail
Australia - First ever National Final won by Kate Miller-Heidke, remixes and acoustic out now. Digital EP with yet another remix
Belarus - Like it or not, Zena goes to Tel Aviv with a new version
Israel - Kobi Karimi Israel Homecoming...., song released, remix, new Stage version out now
Georgia - Go ahead Oto Nemsadze has a new title, single out now, promo info
7th Heaven get their own page at the Tel Aviv Collection, play!
The OGAE 2019 ESCzine, Dare To Dream The one publication you need this year.
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018 - Print your own book.
Let's Get Physical - All releases you can touch and buy in a shop.
Portugal - FdC songs online, CD out now, Conan Osiris' piece has a new jacket. promo info
Poland - Tulia sing in Tel Aviv, Pali Się / Fire of Love, LP/CD info, coloured Vinyl single out now
Armenia - Srbuk, Walking Out on March 10. listen, piano version, Going Deeper Mix
Ireland - Sarah McTernan at 22, digital single out now
Moldova - Listen to the competing songs, Anna or Ana wins, versions sorted?
Latvia - Supernova songs online, Carousel wins, new version
Croatia - Roko's Dream, Heroj Original Croatian version. DORA CD available now, update
Germany - Unser Song für !srael, S!sters w!n.
Ukraine - Vidbir 2019 songs, Maruv wins but no one is going to Tel Aviv.
Absentia Bulgaria

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The Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956 - 2018 is out now!

Finland - Darude ft. Sebastian Rejman - Look Away

Digital release image
17 - 23 pts in semi 1
Finland wanted to bring the Club to Eurovision and chose Darude (Ville Virtasen) to do the job.
He brought The Giant Leap singer Sebastian Rejman along to take care of the singing.

Look Away, written by the duo themselves, is the song that won the Finnish selection UMK.
The preselection followed the same pattern as last year, three songs were revealed one by one, (8, 15 and 22 February) and the final was held on March 2.

Too many people took their advice and looked away, the guys didn't proceed to the final.

The songs have all been released through digital sources.
1. Release me
2. Superman
3. Look away

A remix of Look Away was released on October 18. It's the  Super8 & Tab remix and it's out through all digital sources.
The first released mix is only 2 minutes and 14 seconds long but an extended version was released later.
Thanks Jussi (see comments)

Remix DRI

Darude's biggest claim to fame is Sandstorm, the instrumental dance-thumper from 1999. With thát amazing video. Which makes you drive to fast when played in your car.

Look Away
- Tel Aviv 2CD
Look Away - Super8 & Tab remix
- digital release
Look Away - Super8 & Tab extended remix
- digital release
Look Away - karaoke
- digital releases, karaoke on the official digital karaoke album.

Missed a spot!. (pic from darudes Facebook)
Links and sources
Finland 2018 has the links to the Finnish entries from 2009 on.
Darude FB
Sebastian Rejman FB

Friday, September 13, 2019

Spain - Miki Nuñez - La Venda

22 - 54 pts / not in semi
Miki Nuñez represented Spain in Tel Aviv with the song La Venda. The song is written by Adrià Salas.
The Eurovision entry was chosen in a special Eurovision gala as a part of the Operacion Triunfo talent show series.
The 10 songs in the running are released on the CD OT Gala Eurovisión Rtve (Operación Triunfo 2018 / Eurovision Song Contest / Tel Aviv 2019)
This CD includes the original version, a new version of La Venda is recorded,
The new version was released on March 7. The new video is here at Miki's Youtube

A 1-track promo is issued. It's a cdsingle in gatefold card-sleeve with info insert. (Universal)

Just like last year there are many CD releases featuring performances from the Operacion Triunfo series. 

On September 13 Miki released his solo album Amuza. This includes the Eurovision version of La Venda and 13 other tracks. Out on CD and digital.
Amuza enters the Spanish albums top 100 at #1 on September 22.
See full tracklis below.

Digital release image new version

La Venda - Eurovision version
- digital release, Tel Aviv 2CD, CD Amuza
La Venda - original
- CD Operacion Triunfo Gala Eurovision
La Venda - Eurovision karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album

Spanish top 100: 13, 24, 46, 84, - re: 80, -, 42, 87, -
France top 200 (IFOP): 169, -

Links and sources
Spain 2018 has the links to all Spanish entries from 2009 to 2018.
Miki Nuñez Insta
All Operacion Triunfo releases at
Thanks to Nigel.

Amuza tracklist
1 Celébrate
2 Eterno Verano with Adrià Salas, Nil Moliner & Arnau Griso
3 Nadie Se Salva
4 Vivir al 100%
5 Per Tu
6 Coral Del Arrecife with Sofía Ellar
7 Apaga La Luz
8 La Venda
9 Tanto Tiempo
10 La Última Palabra
11 La Cabaña
12 Escriurem
13 Y Escribir

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Netherlands - Duncan Laurence - Arcade

As a Dutchie myself I'm over the moon with our victory. After 44 years with Ding A Dong as your most recent trophy it always seemed impossible to get a victory in our beloved game.
But Dare To Dream seemed very appropriate. Austria did it against all odds, Portugal after 50 years and now the Netherlands did it. Just saying: never give up, everything is possible. Thanks Duncan Laurence for an unforgettable moment.

1 - 498 pts / 1 - 280 pts in semi 2
Duncan Laurence represented the Netherlands in Tel Aviv. The song Arcade was revealed on March 7.
Arcade is written by Duncan de Moor (= Duncan Laurence), Joel Sjöö and Wouter Hardy.
The video is here and the single is out now through the usual digital sources.
A vinyl single was released on July 26 and is now available from BeaRecords. More details below.

An early demo has already been available on Youtube

Vinyl !
A limited edition vinyl single was first sold at Duncan's Paradiso concert merchandise stand and it got a proper release on July 26.
It includes the Eurovision version and an acoustic version. (Universal 0 602577 952289).
It's a heavy vinyl edition in a glossy sleeve with a (black) inner sleeve for protection.
The vinyl is available in the Dutch shops, online at BeaRecords and several international retailers.
It has also been spotted in the racks of El Cortes Ingles in Spain.
The b-side acoustic version was released as a digital track on July 19.

Digital release image
Arcade is the 3rd vinyl 7”inch single this year but it’s been a while since a Eurovision winner had a 7” inch release. The last one was in 1994: Rock 'n' roll kids by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan which won for Ireland. 1994 was also the last year that saw three vinyl singles (Ireland, U.K. and Finland)

Arcade won the Eurovision Song Contest but didn't win any of the  seperate results (Jury or Televote).
It also won the 2nd semifinal.
Only two countries made in to the top five in both the Tele & Jury votes. One won and one came second (Italy), seems right to me.

Arcade is the fifth Dutch Eurovision winner.
50 years ago Lenny Kuhr did it with De Troubadour, but she had to share the winners reprise with three others.
The Netherlands also won in 1957 (Corry Brokken - Net Als Toen) and 1959 (Teddy Scholten - 'n Beetje) and was the first country to have two victories, but that was 60 years ago.
The most recent Dutch winner was Teach In in 1975. Their Ding-A-Dong was a decent European hit.

Duncan Laurence had a few moments in the 2014 season of The Voice Of Holland where he reached the semi finals. He was coached by Ilse de lange of Common Linnets fame.

- digital release, Tel Aviv 2CD. 7" inch
Arcade - Acoustic version
- limited edition 7"inch
Arcade - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital)
An early demo has already been available on Youtube
Another (one take) acoustic version recorded in Capitol studios Hollywood is here at Youtube.

Netherlands Dutch top 100: 10, 12, 12, 14, 13, 15, 10, 8, 7, 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, 6, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 53, 62, 78, 77, 70, 73, 91, 84, 88
Netherlands Dutch top 40: 29, 11, 8, 6, 4, 4, 5, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 13, 20, 26, 33, 37, -
Even though none of the Dutch charts is reliable any longer, (The top 40 is affiliated with just one (crap) radio station now) it's remarkable that Duncan Laurence's Arcade is the first Dutch entry ever to reach the top spot in the Dutch Top 40.
Sweden top 100: 6, 6, 13, 44, 62, -
Belgium top 50 (Flanders): 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 9, 7, 14, 11, 10, 11, 11, 20, 23, 40, 44, 44, -
Belgium top 50 (Wallonia): 49, 42, 32, 31, 35, 33, 33, -
Germany top 100: 26, 100, -
Ireland top 100 (Irma): 37, 57, 93, -
Norway top 40 (VG lista): 10, 10, 17, 23, 34, 36, -
Switzerland top 10: 6, 23, 47, 64, -
Switzerland Suisse Romande top 20: 4, -
U.K. top 100 (Official charts): 67, -
Scottish singles top 100 (OCC): 24, -
Denmark Tracklisten top 40: 23, 23, 40, -
Austria top 75: 22, 69, -
France top 200 (IFOP): 8, 86, 177, -
Spain top 100: 38, 74, -
Portugal top 100: 68, -

Links and sources
Netherlands 2018 has the links to all Dutch entries from 2009 to 2018.
Duncan Laurence FB Insta
Thanks to Katja at

Friday, July 26, 2019

Switzerland - Luca Hänni - She Got Me

4 - 364 pts / 4 - 232 pts in semi 2
digital release artwork, pic from Muve
Luca Hänni represented Switzerland with the song She Got Me.
The song is written by Luca Hänni, Laurell Barker, Frazer Mac and Jon Hällgren.
The working title for the song was Dirty Dancing.

Watch and listen here

A promo cds for Tel Aviv is made. It is a 1-track cdsingle.

She Got Me secured the best placing (and first top 5) for Switzerland since 1993.
See the full history of the Swiss entries in the charts at the end of this page.

Remixes and more
On July 26 7 remixes were released  through the usual digital sources.(see versions)
A duet version with Vangelis Kakouriotis is also released but not available in all territories.
This was performed at the Greek Mad TV award show 2019. Vangelis sings his bits in Greek.

She Got Me is already the third song for Laurell Barker in the Tel Aviv contest. She also co-wrote the entries from Germany and the United Kingdom.

She Got Me
- Tel Aviv 2CD
She Got Me - Notalike remix
She Got Me - KYTRX remix
She Got Me - Sunlike brothers remix
She Got Me - Kaluma remix
She Got Me - Lanna Remix
She Got Me - Sunlike brothers extended remix
She Got Me - Kaluma extended remix
- remixes are digital releases
She Got Me / Πόσα Ξέρει (Posa Xerei) - with Βαγγέλης Κακουριώτης (Vangelis Kakouriotis)
- digital release (not available in all territories)
She Got Me - karaoke
- both digital releases

Switzerland top 100: 11, 45, 64, 77, 82, 93, 100, 75, 42, 8, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 5, 5, 6, 8, 8, 7, 12, 12, 17, 19, 22, 27, 33, 38, 41, 50, 69, 68, 80, 80, 83, 90, 92
Suisse Romande top 20: 13, -, 9, 1, 2, 6, 10, 10, 17, 14, 17, -, 19, 18, 19, -
Netherlands top 100: 48, 92, -
Sweden top 100: 35, 78, -
Germany top 100: 62, -
Ireland top 100 (Irma): 77, -
Austria top 75: 26, -
France top 200 (IFOP): 59, -
Spain top 100: 65, -
Scottish singles top 100 (OCC): 45, -

Some trivia 
She Got Me by Luca Hänni is the first Swiss Eurovision entry to got to #1 in the Swiss charts since 1977's Swiss Lady by the Pepe Lienhard band. Luca spent three weeks at #1, Pepe eight!
We like it when a the country's music loving people get behind their entry.
Sending a popular star helped Switzerland this year, both in Eurovision (their best result since 1993) and in the charts.
Celine Dion, who won the contest, only managed a #11 hit in 1988, just as high as Piero Esteriores famous nil-pointer Celebrate in 2004.
She Got Me is Luca's 2nd #1 hit and his biggest hit ever in Switzerland. He had a #1 in 2012 with Don't Think About Me which also was a #1 in Germany and Austria. She Got Me didn't follow that up in those two countries.
The Eurovision Collectors Guide loves lists, so here’s one. The Swiss entries from this century with their chart results. Plus the few that scored before that.
The Swiss charts are archived from 1968, starting as a top 10, a top 30 into the 90’s evolving to the top 100 it is now.
2019    She got me - Luca Hänni (1/37+, 3 weeks at #1)
2018    Stones - Zibbz (62/2)
2017    Apollo - Timebelle (37/2)
2016    The last of our kind - Rykka  (-/-)
2015    Time to shine - Mélanie René (73/1)
2014    Hunter of stars - SEBalter (6/3)
2013    You and me - Takasa (21/3)
2012    Unbreakable - Sinplus (24/3)
2011    In love for a while - Anna Rossinelli (3/4)
2010    Il pleut de l’or - Michael von der Heide (65/1)
2009    The heighest heights - Lovebugs (25/11)
2008    Era stupendo - Paolo Meneguzzi (11/10)
2007    Vampires are alive - DJ Bobo (3/19)
2006    If we all give a little - Six4One (-/-)
2005    Cool vibes - Vanilla Ninja (17/9)
2004    Celebrate - Piero Esteriore (11/8)
2002    Le jardin de mon âme - Francine Jordy (49/11)
2000    La vita cosé - Jane Bogaert (98/1)
1989    Viver senza tei - Furbaz (23/3)
1988    Ne partez pas sans moi - Celine Dion (11/4)
1983    No cosi non ci sto - Mariella Farré (12/4)
1981    Io senza te - Peter, Sue & Marc (5/8)
1980    Cinema - Paola (7/6)
1977    Swiss lady - Pepe Lienhard band (1/18, 8 weeks at #1)
1976    Djambo Djambo - Peter, Sue & Marc (6/13)
1975    Mikado - Simone Drexel (2/8)
1969    Bonjour Bonjour - Paola (7/3)

Links and sources
Switzerland 2018 has the links to Swiss entries from 2009 on.
Luca Hänni WebsiteFB
Thanks to Andy at Muve. And thanks to Nigel. Thanks to F. Balderas.
Official Swiss Charts
Eurovision Collectors Guide

Saturday, July 20, 2019

North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska - Proud

7 - 305 pts / 3 - 239 pts in semi 2
Digital release image
Tamara Todevska (Тамара Тодевска)  represented North Macedonia (the country formerly known as the former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia, TCFKAFYROM)  in Tel Aviv.

The song Proud is written by Darko Dimitrov, Robert Bibliov, Lazar Cvetkoski, Kosta Petrov and Sanja Popovska.

The song was revealed on March 8. Watch and listen here.
It was released, along with the karaoke version, through the digital store.
You'll have to look under Tamara (without the Todevska)

Tamara's 8th place is the best result for the country (under various names) ever.
She came first in the jury vote in the final. (after the votes were corrected)

A promo cds for Tel Aviv is issued. It is a 1-track cds in card sleeve

Gramophonedzie (Marko Milićević) made a remix of Proud. Tamara shared it through her socials but it hasn't been released for download yet. (Youtube is here)
The Robert Bilbilov remix was uploaded to Tamara's Youtube on May 4. (Youtube)
On June 22 another remix was released. The Cyrillic remix is available in the ususal digital stores and streamers.

Eurovision fans know Tamara from the 2008 entry Let Me Love You with Vrcak & Adrian Gaxha (see below).

Tamara has some Eurovision experience.
She was a backing singer in Istanbul for Toše Proeski in 2004.
In 2007 she finished second (behind Carolina Gocheva) in the Macedonian selection with Kazi Koj Si Ti (Tell me who you are).
In 2008 she and her pals won the Macedonian final with Vo Ime Na Ljubovta (In the name of love) which became the Eurovision entry Let Me Love You (see below).
In 2014 she was a backing singer for her sister Tijana Dapčević (To The Sky)
In 2015* Tamara ended second at home again with the song Brod Što Tone (Sinking ship)
* The selection for Eurovision 2015 was held on November 12 2014.

Picture from Tamara's Facebook
- Tel Aviv 2CD, promo
Proud - karaoke
- digital releases
Proud - Cyrillic remix
- digital release
Proud - Gramophonedzie remix
- video
Proud - Robert Bilbilov remix
- video

Links and sources
Macedonia 2018 has the links to all Macedonian entries from 2009 to 2018.
Tamara Todevska FB, Insta

Memory lane: Let Me Love You
In 2008 Tamara Todevska teamed up with her mates Vrčak (Rade Vrčakovski) & Adrian Gaxha for the Macedonian national final. Their song Vo Ime Na Ljubovta won and went to the Belgrade contest as Let Me Love You.
Here's the 2008 entry from The Belgrade Collection* and the Eurovision Collectors Guide.
Let Me Love You ended 10th in the second semi in Belgrade, but at the time there was a rule allowing the juries to pick an entry from each semi to proceed to the final. Bummer for Tamara and her chums, she ended 10th but the jury picked Charlotte Perreli's Hero (Sweden) over Let Me Love You.

Let me love you (english)
Vo ime na ljubovta (macedonian)  
             Во Име На Љубовта - Тамара, Врчак, Адријан
Vo imya lubvi - Bo имя любви (russian)
Dasuri mistike (albanian)
Tebe volim (serbian) 
Yoksun  (turkish)
Russian, Albanian & Serbian versions have some rap bits in English 
- on 8-track promo cdr, has all above plus English & Macedonian karaoke (MRT MП 45004)
- on 8-track promo cds/DVD set (also MRT MП 45004), the DVD has 6 (language) videos.
- an earlier DVDr has the same 6 videos.
Vo ime na ljubovta (first macedonian ,version as in NF)
- on CD Eurovision Skopje 2008 (MRT MП 45003)
Vo ime na ljubovta (macedonian album version)
- on 2009 Vrčak CD Sedmo nebo (Седмо Небо) (Produkcija Republika ‎001)

* You won't find the Belgrade Collection on the net, it was a word document. But the Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018 is up for grabs.

San Marino - Serhat - Say Na Na Na

Digital release image
19 - 77 pts / 8 - 150 pts in semi 1
A sigh of relief* was felt across Europe when SMTV announced Serhat would be the Tel Aviv representative for San Marino.

The song is titled Say Na Na Na and is released as a digital maxi with 10 versions (see below).
The track was released on March 7.
Here's the official video.

A cdsingle is made and is available to the public in limited quantities.
It has already appeared on sites like Amazon and E-bay (although some flippers are trying to resell at inflated prices there).
NOW at BeaRecords (while stock lasts)
The promo kit has the same cds and also includes a promo version of the Serhat album That's How I Feel (in card sleeve). and some paper stuff.
A USB card was also handed out. It includes the cdsingle tracks as mp3, mp3 snippets of the album tracks plus photos and bios.

Sing Na Na Na
On July 19 A German version was released. Sing Na Na Na comes in 6 mixes (see versions below)
German version DRI

That's How I Feel
And then there's the album we have all been waiting for. That's How I Feel is out now through digital sources but several physical releases will follow soon. (CD on July 12, no still not there) Watch This Space!
The album includes Say Na Na Na and three versions of I Didn't Know and most of Serhat's singles.
It has both versions of Total Disguise, one with Helena Paparizou and one with Viktor Laszlo.
See full tracklist below.

Serhat (Hacıpaşalıoğlu) participated for San Marino in 2017 with I Did't Know but failed to reach the final. But Serhat has become a bit of a cult hero in Eurovision circles and we love him.
When he re-recorded his Eurovision entry with Weather Girl Martha Wash he scored a hit in the USA Billboard dance charts. Anyway, read all about Serhat's first adventure here at the Stockholm Collection.

Say Na Na Na - ESC version
- Tel Aviv 2CD
Say Na Na Na - Wideboys radio edit
Say Na Na Na - Rico Bernasconi radio edit
Say Na Na Na - Kon Cept Euro remix
Say Na Na Na - Mark Voss Radio edit
Say Na Na Na - Extended Mix
Say Na Na Na - Wideboys Feel The Rainbow remix
Say Na Na Na - Rico Bernasconi remix
Say Na Na Na - Mark Voss remix
Say Na Na Na - Sing Yourself Karaoke Version
- all on cdsingle and digital
Sing Na Na Na - German single versions
Sing Na Na Na - Mark Voss Radio edit
Sing Na Na Na - Rico Bernasconi radio edit
Sing Na Na Na - DJ Maxi version
Sing Na Na Na - Rico Bernasconi remix
Sing Na Na Na - Mark Voss remix
- German versions digital releases

Links and sources
Thàt Serhat and Martha cdsingle
San Marino 2018 has the links to all Sammarinese entries from 2011 to 2018
San Marino 2016 has everything about Serhat's first attempt You Didn't Know (or knew already)
Serhat website and FB
Serhat at BeaRecords
Serhat's Youtube channel.
Thanks to Nigel and to Manfred at Cap sounds.

* It was heavily rumoured that the Human Ken Doll was going to represent San Marino, but Serhat came to the rescue.

That's How I Feel tracklist
1. Je m'adore
2. I Didn't Know (feat. Martha Wash)
3. Say Na Na Na
4. Chocolate Flavour
5. Home Is Where We Belong
6. Total Disguise (feat. Helena Paparizou)
7. Devotion
8. There Must Be a Way
9. Hey You
10. Just for You
11. La La La
12. Non ero io (Italian version of I Didn't know)
13. Total Disguise (feat. Viktor Lazlo)
14. I Didn't Know (Esc Version)

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Let's Get Physical: Tel Aviv

Here's a quick checklist of this year's physical releases (CD's, vinyl) available the public. It's not a lot, really, but enough to do the Physical page again.
For promo and digital info please check each country's individual post.
Check out BeaRecords and you may just find what you need.

The first single released  is the one from Italy. It's a vinyl 7"inch, but you have to get the limited edition album box to get this item.
Eight other songs from the Sanremo contest have been released on vinyl single, find more info at the Italy post.
The second single release is also a vinyl single, it's from Poland. Grrreat.
San Marino's Serhat has issued a cdsingle which may not be in the regular stores but it is sold through several 'regular' sources.
Netherlands has a vinyl 7" inch that first was only  available at Duncan Laurence's Paradiso concert, but it it got a Europe wide release on July 26. Better late than never Netta!

The 2CD with all the songs from the show is expected on April 26.  It is the 20th time all songs from the contest are released on an official EBU endorsed CD.  How time flies.....
The DVD release (3-disc set) was released on June 23. It does not feature Madonna's interval act.

Hungary, Sweden, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Portugal all have CD albums out with the complete collection of 2019 National Final Songs.

Time Tunnel
And if you're going to Tel Aviv you can score a new 2CD compilation with Eurovision hits including TOY and Fuego from 2018. A collection of Eurovision winners and classics you probably already own in some form or another, but you know you want it anyway.
The album compiled by Time Tunnel 100FM radio is released on the Helicon label.
A few of the less likely entries on this compilation are Bandido by Azucar Moreno (which was a big hit in Israel), Alain Barrière, Co-Co. Beth and Caline and Olivier Toussaint.
It includes (only) four Israeli entries (the ones that won the contest). Of A Ba Ni Bi, Diva and Hallelujah Hebrew versions are included.
The 2CD is also available at Israel Music, where I bought it and it arrived in a week. See tracklist scan below. 

Artist's albums
Mahmood from Italy has his album out now on CD, LP and limited edition box set.
Pænda from Austria has her new album Evolution II out now.
Tulia's re-issued debut album Tulia (Poland) includes the original version of their Eurovision entry. Out on CD and 2LP. 
France: Bilal Hassani released his debut CD Kingdom on April 26.
Latvia's Carousel have been working on an album which will include their Eurovision song. No release date yet.
San Marino: Serhat's album That's How I Feel will get several physical editions soon.... (or not so sson)
Miki from Spain released his album Amuza on September 13.

And then there's this:
Flash back to 2000, Nicki French was the U.K. singer with Don't Play That Song Again.
Her latest release includes coverversions of four Eurovision songs. Four surprising choices you can read about here. Also has the CD ordering details.

The Time Tunnel Track List