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The latest at the Tel Aviv collection

Welcome to the Tel Aviv Collection, בברכה
It’s year 11 for the Collection blogs, and this time we’re in Tel Aviv, Israel.
I know it took a while, but work on the Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018 took most of the time available the past few months.
As usual, you'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.

Always more to come, the latest updated pages are at the top of this links list.

Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018
Croatia - Roko's Dream, Heroj Original Croatian version. DORA CD available now, update
Italy - Mahmood wins Sanremo, Sanremo Vinyl singles,  2CD/2LP out now, Release updates. Benny Benassi mixes Soldi, CD/vinyl boxset, More remixes, 50.000.000 YT views.
Hungary - A Dal CD out now, Joci gets a 2nd chance and a new version for Tel Aviv
Slovenia - Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl
Romania - Listen to the competing songs, Ester Peony On A Sunday, new version
Poland - Tulia sing in Tel Aviv, Pali Się / Fire of Love, LP/CD info
Israel - Kobi Karimi Israel Homecoming...., song released
Albania - Jonida Maliqi won the 57th Festivali i Këngës, Single out now. Eurovision version out now
Malta - Michela Pace, listen to Chameleon
Armenia - Srbuk, Walking Out on March 10. listen
Sweden - MF CD, John Lundvik, it's his turn.
Russia - Sergey gets a second chance, Scream today
United Kingdom - You Decided: Michel Rice to Eurovision, single out now
North Macedonia - Tamara returns after 11 years and she's proud of it. Listen to her song now.
Azerbaijan - Truth! Chingiz Mustafayev
Estonia - Listen to the competing songs, Victor Crone to Tel Aviv, Remix out now
Czech Republic - Friend of a friend rerecorded
Austria - Pænda unlimited, single out now
Ireland - Sarah McTernan at 22
Belarus - Like it or not, Zena goes to Tel Aviv
The Netherlands - Duncan Laurence sings Arcade, Out now!
Switzerland - Dirty dancing with Luca Hänni
San Marino - We. Love. Serhat, Say Na Na Na
Spain - Miki Nuñez to Tel Aviv, OT CD out now, new version
Greece - Katerina Duska, Better Love out now
Cyprus - It's Tamta!, really, it is. Play Replay now
Serbia - Beovizija songs online, Nevena Božović wins
Georgia - Go ahead Oto Nemsadze
Portugal - FdC songs online, CD out now, Conan Osiris' piece
Norway - MGP songs online, KEiiNO jojks to victory, Club mix out now
Moldova - Listen to the competing songs, Anna or Ana wins
Iceland Söngvakeppninn release, Hate will prevail
Finland - Will Darude take Tel Aviv by (sand)storm? (Look away now)
Belgium - Wake Up with Eliot Vassamillet.
Ukraine - Vidbir 2019 songs, Maruv wins but no one is going to Tel Aviv.
Lithuania - Eurovizijos Dainų Konkurso Nacionalinė Atranka 2019 won by Jurijus
Denmark - Listen to the competing songs, Leonora wins.
Germany - Unser Song für !srael, S!sters w!n.
Latvia - Supernova songs online, Carousel wins
Australia - First ever National Final won by Kate Miller-Heidke
Montenegro - Listen to the competing songs, Heaven for D-Moll
Absentia Bulgaria
France - Bilal Hassani rules

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Croatia - Roko Blažević - The Dream

Digital release image The Dream
Croatia's selection DORA 2019 was won by Roko Blažević and his song The Dream.
The Dream is written by Jacques Houdek, Andrea Ćurić and Charlie Mason.
The song is sung in English and Croatian.
Watch the live performance here at HRT's Youtube.
The song was originally recorded in Croatian as Heroj and Charlie Mason wrote the English lyrics afterwards.

The Dream and Heroj have been released as digital single tracks.

All songs from this years DORA have been released on the CD Dora 2019 (Croatia records). Now available at BeaRecords
See comments.
The album is also available through digital sources

Digital release image Heroj
The composers:
Lyricist Charlie Mason wrote the words to the 2014 winner Rise Like A Phoenix. He also co-wrote the Slovenian entry of the same year. The English parts of L'Amore è Femmina (Italy 2012) are also by his hand.
Jacques Houdek represented Croatia in Kyiv with My Friend and ended 13th.

The Dream - English/Croatian
- digital release, on Dora 2019 CD
Heroj - Croatian
- digital release,  Youtube

The Dora 2019 album
Pic from Roko's Facebook
Links and sources
Croatia 2018 has links to all Croatian entries from 2009 on.
Roko Blažević FB
Roko interview at
Thanks to Jens

Friday, March 15, 2019

Slovenia - Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl - Sebi

New version DRI
Duo Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl are the winners of the Slovenian selection EMA which was held on February 16.
Sebi was first released on the digital EP Štiri on Februari 16.
The EP includes all their digital singles.

A new version, the Dare To Dream version was released on March 15, along with its instrumental version

Sebi - Dare To Dream version
Sebi - original version
Sebi - instrumental Dare To Dream version
- all digital releases

Digital EP Štiri
Links and sources
Slovenia 2018 has links to all Slovenian entries from 2009 on.
RTVSLO EMA FB and Eurovision pages
Zala and Gašper FB Insta

Italy - Mahmood - Soldi

Mahmood is the winner of the 69th Sanremo festival and will represent Italy in Tel Aviv.
The winning song Soldi (Money) is written by Charlie Charles, Dario "Dardust" Faini and Alessandro Mahmoud himself.
The song is in Italian with two lines in Arabic.

The official videoclip is here (YT) and it's already raking in the millions. (50 million on March 16, still some way to go until Francesco Gabbani's 215.000.000).

Two remixes by Benny Benassi was released on March 8.
A remix by Denis First was released on march 15, along with its instrumental.

Mahmood is one of two singers who progressed from the Ecco Sanremo Giovani (newcomers) competition to the big festival. To proceed and win the whole thing is a remarkable feat.
In the Giovani competition in December Mahmood performed the song Gioventù Bruciata (Wasted youth).

The "big" Festival Sanremo took place from 5 to 9 February.

Mahmood also collected the Enzo Jannacci award for best performance at Sanremo.
On the 4th night of the Sanremo contest all artists performed their entry as a duet. Mahmood was joined by Guè Pequeno for Soldi. (Update: this version will also be on the album and single, see below).

Mahmood participated in the Italian X-Factor in 2012 and entered the Sanremo Giovani section in 2016 with the song Dimentica (4th place)

Soldi Fisici
Soldi and Gioventù Bruciata have been released on the re-issue digital EP Gioventù Bruciata, out since February 6. (Universal)
The EP was originally released in November but without Soldi.
A CD album release also titled Gioventù Bruciata is expected on February 22. This will include the tracks from the EP, the duet version of Soldi and three other songs. (Tracklist below)
The CD will also come in a boxset with a vinyl single, a banknote and postcards (March 8, see pic)
The "vinile 45 Giri" has the original and duet versions of Soldi.
The album is also released on LP
Gioventù Bruciata enters the Italian album charts at #1 on March 1.

Remix DRI
Soldi - original
- 2CD/2LP Sanremo 2019
Soldi - Guè Pequeno
- both on 7"inch, CD and LP
Soldi - Benny Benassi remix
Soldi - Benny Benassi extended
Soldi - Denis First 100 BPM remix
Soldi - Denis first instrumental remix
-  remixes are digital releases
The original version is too long for Eurovision so an edit for the Tel Aviv 2CD is likely.

Italy top 100 (FIMI): 81, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
The single went gold on February 18, Platinum on Februari 25, 2x Platinum on March 18 (But I don't know how many you'd have to sell...)
Switzerland top 100: 25, 29, 50, 57, 76

Denis First remixes DRI
Sanremo 2019
The album with 24 songs from this year's Sanremo competition is out since February 8.
For the first time since Italy's return the collection is also released on Vinyl (2LP), out the same day.
Full tracklist below.

Like every year, almost every Sanremo Star will have an album (CD and LP) out to coincide with the festival. Some are Best Of compilations, others are re-issues with the Sanremo songs (and other tracks) added but most have new albums out. Most release dates are in February, some later.
Altro Spettacolo website have a page detailing all the new releases of this years Sanremo stars. It's constantly updated with new info. Great stuff.

Sanremo vinile
Since 2017 several Sanremo entries have been released on collectors 7"inch vinyl singles and this year there are a few again. A vinyl single of the winner Soldi by Mahmood will be released on March 1, but only in a limited box with his new CD album.
So far I've spotted these:
Nek - Mi Farò Trovare Pronto  (White vinyl, F&P)
Loredana Bertè - Cosa Ti Aspetti Da Me Azzurro  (Blue vinyl, Warner)
Shade & Federica Carta - Senza Farlo Apposta  (Red vinyl, Warner)
Irama - La Ragazza Con Il Cuore Di Latta  (Yellow vinyl, Warner Music)
Paola Turci - L'Ultimo Ostacolo  (White vinyl, Warner)
Patty Pravo - Un Po' Come La Vita  (Black vinyl, Museo Dei Sognatori)
Motta - Dov'è l'Italia  (Black & Blue marbled vinyl, Sugar)
At the time of writing all were available at but it seems the Loredana Bertè one is sold out and now offered by flippers at massively inflated prices.
The Vinyl singles of Sanremo 2019

Links and sources
Italy 2018 has the links to all Italian entries from 2011 to 2018.
Official Sanremo pages
Mahmood FB, Website, Insta

Tracklist Gioventù Bruciata
01 Soldi
02 Gioventù Bruciata
03 Uramaki
04 Il Nilo nel Naviglio
05 Anni 90, feat. Fabri Fibra
06 Asia Occidente
07 Remo
08 Milano Good Vibes
09 Sabbie Mobili
10 Mai Figlio Unico
11 Soldi, feat. Gué Pequeno

Tracklist Sanremo 2019
- Sanremo 2019 CD1
01 Loredana Bertè - Cosa Ti Aspetti Da Me
02 Ultimo - I Tuoi Particolari
03 Patty Pravo & Briga - Un Po’ Come la Vita
04 Daniele Silvestri - Argento Vivo
05 Paola Turci - L’ultimo Ostacolo
06 Nek - Mi Farò Trovare Pronto
07 Shade & Federica Carta - Senza Farlo Apposta
08 Simone Cristicchi - Abbi Cura Di Me
09 Motta - Dov’è L’Italia
10 Ex-Otago - Solo Una Canzone
11 Ghemon - Rose Viola
12 Mahmood - Soldi
2LP (click to enlarge)
- Sanremo 2019 CD2
01 Il Volo - Musica Che Resta
02 Arisa - Mi Sento Bene
03 Irama - La Ragazza Con Il Cuore Di Latta
04 Francesco Renga - Aspetto Che Torni
05 Anna Tatangelo - Le Nostre Anime Di Notte
06 Enrico Nigiotti - Nonno Hollywood
07 Negrita I Ragazzi - Stanno Bene
08 Nino D’Angelo & Livio Cori - Un’Altra Luce
09 The Zen Circus - L’amore È Una Dittatura
10 Achille Lauro - Rolls Royce
11 Boomdabash - Per Un Milione
12 Einar - Parole Nuove

Hungary - Pápai Joci - Az Én Apám

Digital release image
Joci Pápai (Pápai Joci) returns to the Eurovision stage for Hungary. Two years ago he finished in 8th place with Origo.
The 2019 song, Az Én Apám (My father) is written by Joci (Joszef )himself.

The song is included on the A Dal 2CD and is also released as a digital single.
A new version was revealed on March 14 on Joci P's Youtube as the Eurovision version.
It doesn't have the whistling...

Hungary selected their entry for Tel Aviv on February 23.
The A Dal selection included 30 songs: 3 rounds with 10 songs, two second chance rounds and a final.
The 2CD A Dal 2019 includes all 30 songs and has been released on January 24 (Grundrekords).
The 2 CD is available through BeaRecords

Az Én Apám - Eurovision version
- video
Az Én Apám - original
- A Dal 2CD, digital single

The A Dal 2019 2CD
Links and sources
Hungary 2018 has the links to all Hungarian entries from 2009 to 2018.
Pápai Joci in 2017
Official A Dal pages at Mediaklikk
Hungarian cds at BeaRecords
Pápai Joci FB

Albania - Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju Tokës

New version DRI
Jonida Maliqi won the 57th Festivali i Këngës with the song Ktheju Tokës (lit. Return to Earth, or rather Return to the land)
The song is written by Eriona Rushiti.

The original studio version can be heard here at RTSH's Youtube.
The single was released on March 8, but the Spotify version appears to be the original version, still a bit too long.
A new version video was revealed on March 10. That one is here.
The digital release was on March 15, along with a karaoke version.

Ktheju Tokës - Eurovision version
- digital release
Ktheju Tokës - original
- RTSH video, digital release
Ktheju Tokës - Eurovision karaoke
- digital release

1st versionDigital release image
Links and sources
Albania in 2018 has links to all Albanian entries since 2009.
Jonida Maliqi Website, FB

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Germany - S!sters - Sister

S!sters won the German selection
The song is written by Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oehler and Thomas Stengaard.
Listen here at ARD

The song was released as a digital single on Febryary 22. (but not on Spotify???)
The karaoke was released on March 15.
S!sters are Carlotta Truman & Laura Kästel.

7 artists were lined up for Unser Song für Israel on Feruary 23.

Sister - karaoke
- digital releases

Links and sources
Germany 2018 has links to all German entries from 2009 on.
Unser Song pages at ARD

Romania - Ester Peony - On A Sunday

2nd version DRI
Ester Peony will represent Romania in Tel Aviv with the song On A Sunday.
Ester Peony (Ester Alexandra Crețu) wrote the song with Alexandru Şerbu and Ioanei Victoria Badea.

The first version was released as a digital single on January 17.
The official video, released on March 10, features a slightly different version. (here at TVR Youtube)
This version was released as a digital single on March 10. The original version version seems to be discontinued at most (all?) digital sources.

Romania's selection had two semi's with a final on February 17.
A playlist at TVR's Youtube has the participating songs.

Ester released her first songs under the name Ester, then she took the name Elune but since last year it's Ester Peony.
She released a digital EP Dig It in May 2018.

 1st Digital release image
On A Sunday - new version
- videoclip, digital release
On A Sunday - original
- first digital release

Links and sources
Romania 2018 has links to all Romanian entries from 2009 on.
TVR Eurovision pages
Ester Peony FB, Insta

Monday, March 11, 2019

Poland - Tulia - Fire Of Love (Pali Się)

Digital release image
Poland will be represented by Tulia in Tel Aviv. They are a traditional Polish vocal group working with modern songs and arrangements.

The song for Eurovision is a new version of the song Pali Się which was already released last year. The new version includes a part in English, hence the title Fire Of Love. (Pali Się)
The song is written by Sonia Krasny and Nadia Dalin. The English lyrics are by Allan Rich and Jud Friedmann.
Tulia are Tulia Biczak, Joanna Sinkiewicz, Patrycja Nowicka and Dominika Siepka.
The group came into the spotlights after Depeche Mode shared their folk version of Enjoy The Silence through their socials.

The Eurovision version is here and also available through the usual digital stores.
The original Pali Się (in Polish) video is here.

Tulia released their debut Tulia album in 2018 and it became a platinum selling album.
The original version of Pali Się (It's on fire) was already released on a new special edition of this album Tulia in November.
Picture from Empik record store
The Tulia (Special edition) album was released on 2CD and 2LP on gorgeous white/pink marbled transparant vinyl.
Tulia Special Edition 2CD (Universal Music Polska 7720798)
Tulia Special Edition 2LP (Universal Music Polska 7720805)
Note: There's another special edition CD from the Empik webshop, but that one is from June 2018 and does not include Pali Się yet.
I haven't yet located a Polish store that sells the 2LP internationally, any suggestions?

Tulia 2CD deluxe version
Pali Się / Fire Of Love
- digital release
Pali Się - original
- 2CD/2LP Tulia (Deluxe edition)

Links and sources
Poland 2018 has links to the Polish entries from 2009 on.
Tulia Website (in Polish) FB, Insta

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Israel - Kobi Marimi - Home

Picture from Kobi Marimi's facebook
For the home contest Tel Avivian Kobi Marimi (קובי מרימי) will take the Eurovision stage.
The song is titled Home and is written by Ohad Shargai and Inbar Weitzman.
The song was revealed on March 10 (here).
The digital single was released on March 12.

Israel selected Kobi for Tel Aviv through reality show / singing competition HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star, הַכּוֹכָב הַבָּא). A song will be found for the winner of the competition.

Netta gave Israel their fourth victory, 20 years after their last one and 40 years after their first.
Although we have not forgiven the people at Netta's headquarters for not giving us a cdsingle or any physical release, we clucking love Netta.

Links and sources
Israel 2018 has links to all Israeli entries from 2009 on.
The Next Star website (in Hebrew)
Kobi Marimi FB, Insta

Armenia - Srbuk - Walking Out

2018 single Half A Godess
Srbuk travels to Tel Aviv to wave the Armenian flag.
The Eurovision song, Walking Out, was revealed on March 10.
The song is written by Lost Capital (a.k.a. Tim Enso a.k.a. Artemy Reimich), tokionine and Garik Papoyan.

Watch and listen here

Srbuk (Srbuhi Sargsian, Սրբուհի Սարգսյան) rose to national fame after a 2nd place on Armenian X-factor and a 4th in The Voice.
She has released a few singles of which Half A Godess is the latest one.

Lyricist Garik Papoyan also wrote the lyrics to Aram MP3's Not Alone (2014).

Links and sources
Armenia 2018 has the links to all Armenian entries from 2009 to 2018.
Srbuk FB

Malta - Michela Pace - Chameleon

Pichture from Michela's facebook
Malta has chosen their singer through talent show X-factor. The winner is Michela Pace and her song is Chameleon written by Borislav Milanov, Joacim Perrson, Paula Winger, and Johan Alkanas.

Milanov has a few successful Eurovision entries in his portfolio, Check this years Azerbaijani entry for more details.
Persson worked with Milanov on Bulgaria's entries of 2016, 2017 and 2018 and Austria 2018.
He also co-wrote Autumn Leaves for Daniel Kajmakoski in 2015.

Watch and listen here

Links and sources
Malta 2018 has the links to all Maltese entries from 2009 to 2018.
Michela Pace

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sweden - John Lundvik - Too Late For Love

Digital release image
John Lundvik is the winner of this years Melodifestivalen and he will represent Sweden with the song Too Late For Love.

The song is written by John Lundvik himself, Anderz Wrethov and Andreas “Stone” Johansson.

Too Late For Love can be found on the Melodifestivalen 2CD and has also been released as a digital single.
The song already went to #1 in the Swedish charts the day before the MF final.

John Lundvik's first Melodifestivalen appearance was in 2018 when he finished 3rd with My Turn. It became a #10 hit in the Swedish charts.

London born singer songwriter John Hassim Lundvik has been writing songs for the likes of Sanna Nielsen and Anton Ewald (Natural from MF 2014). When You Tell The World You're Min, a song he wrote with Jörgen Eloffson, was performed at the wedding of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria.
In 2016 he wrote and recorded All About The Games, the official song for the Swedish Olympic team.

This year Lundvik has another song in the competition. He is one of the songwriters of the U.K. entry Bigger Than Us by Michaèl Rice.

Swedish top 100: 3, 1, 1

Melodifestivalen 2019
By now you know the drill. Melodifestivalen has 4 rounds, a second chance round and a final on March 9.
All MF first round performances can be viewed at Melodifestivalens official Youtube.
The album (CD & digital) with all 28 songs is released after the 4th round and is available now. (Warner Music Sweden)
Full tracklist below.

Links and sources
Sweden in 2018 has the links to all Swedish entries from 2009 to 2018.
Melodifestivalen at SVT
The Stockholm collection (2016) has an updated list with hit-statistics of the Melodifestivalen entries.
Check it out at the end of the Swedish post here.
John Lundvik Website,  FB

MF In the charts
So Melodifestivalen is big business and it makes Lotta Svenska Kronor, and a large part of the often recordbreaking televoting revenue always goes to charity, åååååh....

There is a decline in the success of the MF though, ever since they are trying to create it as a Spotify playlist sales/streams of the official album are way down. From being the #1 best selling album every year to finishing 14th in 2018.

Below are the chart results of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision hits in the Swedish top 60 since 2002, when the 32 song MF was introduced.
In a sudden change, 2010 saw only a few entries released on cdsingle, and it showed decline in the number of MF hits.
Since a few years streaming is the main factor in  the Swedish charts so Eurovision hits chart without being released on cdsingle. Some only chart one or two weeks just after the contest.

Melodifestivalen (and Eurovision) in the Swedish charts
2019 top 100: 21 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 1 Eurovision hit
2018 top 100: 21 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 10 Eurovision hits
2017 top 100: 21 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 0 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2016 top 100: 26 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 12 Eurovision hits
* 2016 Digilistan top 60 - 17 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits
2015 top 100: 19 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
* 2015 Digilistan top 60: 22 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 14 Eurovision hits
2014: 17 MF hits - 5 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 6 Eurovision hits
* 2014 Digilistan top 60 2014: 22 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 18 Eurovision hits
2013: 22 MF hits - 6 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2012: 17 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 4 Eurovision hits
2011: 18 MF hits - 7 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 2 Eurovision hits
2010: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 9 Eurovision hits
2009: 28 MF hits - 12 top 10 hits - 2 # 1 hits - 16 Eurovision hits
A record breaking 15 Eurovision hits in the week after the contest, most on downloads (sales) alone
2008: 30 MF hits - 14 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 9 Eurovision hits
2007: 28 MF hits - 10 top 10 hits - 2 #1 hits - 7 Eurovision hits
2006: 23 MF hits -10 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 6 Eurovision hits
2005: 23 MF hits - 9 top 10 hits - 4 #1 hits - 3 Eurovision hits
2004: 22 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits
2003 : 17 MF hits - 8 top 10 hits - 3 #1 hits - 2 Eurovision hits
2002 : 13 MF hits - 4 top 10 hits - 1 #1 hit - 3 Eurovision hits

2014: The official charts in Sweden have gone a bit crap, with Spotify and other steamers as a much too infuential source. This list is still the 'official chart' but we'll feature the digilistan as well.
The Digilistan is now the main (digital) sales based Swedish chart.
Changes in 2015: The MF has only 28 entries and the official charts have gone up to a top 100.
Changes in 2016: The method for the official Swedish charts has changed again, now it is almost the same as the digilistan.

You can check your Swedish charts weekly at Sverige Topplistan.

Melodifestivalen 2019 tracklist
CD 1
1. Chasing Rivers - Nano
2. No Drama - High15
3. Not With Me - Wiktoria
4. Mina Bränder - Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina
5. Mina Fyra Årstider - Arja Saijonmaa
6. Hello - Mohombi
7. Ashes To Ashes - Anna Bergendahl
8. Army Of Us - Andreas Johnson
9. I Do Me - Malou Prytz
10. I Love It - Oscar Enestad
11. Leva Livet - Jan Malmsjö
12. Nakna I Regnet - Vlad Reiser
13. Hold You - Hanna Ferm & Liamoo
14. Tempo - Margaret
CD 2
15. Somebody Wants - The Lovers Of Valdaro
16. Habibi - Dolly Style
17. Låt Skiten Brinna - Martin Stenmarck
18. Victorious - Lina Hedlund
19. Om Om Och Om Igen - Omar Rudberg
20. Who I Am - Rebecka Karlsson
21. Norrsken - Jon Henrik Fjällgren
22. Stormbringer - Pagan Fury
23. Känner Dig - Anton Hagman
24. Torn - Lisa Ajax
25. I Do - Arvingarna
26. On My Own - Bishara
27. Kärleken Finns Kvar - Ann-Louise Hanson
28. Too Late For Love - John Lundvik

Russia - Sergey Lazarev - Scream

Digital release image
Russia is represented by Sergey Lazarev who already entered in the 2016 contest (and finished 3rd)
The song Scream was revealed on March 9 at 16:00 CET.
Philippe Kirkorov, Sharon Vaugn and Dimitri Kontoupoulos wrote the song.

Watch and listen here
The song is also available through various digital sources.

Sergey after Eurovision 2016.
Links and sources
Russia 2018 has links to the Russian entries since Moscow 2009.
Sergey Lazarev in 2016
Sergey Lazarev Website (in Russian), FB

United Kingdom - Michaèl Rice - Bigger Than Us

Digital release image
The U.K. selection Eurovision: You Decide was held on February 8. Michaèl Rice won with the song Bigger Than Us written by Laurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik and Jonas Thander
The song was released as a digital single on March 8, along with a karaoke version

There were 6 artists but only three songs in the U.K. final. The other version of Bigger Than Us was performed by Holly Tandy.
You can listen to the songs here.

So far two songs from Eurovision: You Decide got an official digital release:
Sweet lies - Kerrie-Anne
Freaks - Jordan Clarke

Bigger Than Us
Bigger Than Us - karaoke
- both digital releases

Links and sources
United Kingdom 2018 has the links to all British entries from 2009 to 2018.
BBC Eurovision pages
Michaèl Rice FB
Thanks to Thom.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Montenegro - D-Moll - Heaven

D-Moll's Heaven is the song for Montenegro in Tel Aviv. Heaven is written by Dejan Božović and .
The words are by Adis Eminić (who also gave us Slavko's Space in 2017).
A new version was recorded for Eurovision.

You can listen to the first Heaven here (Youtube)
The new official version is here

Eurovision's D-Moll are six singers from a larger youth choir.

Other sources name Aleksandar Miličić as the lyricist and Heaven is a translation from Ti, a song in Montenegran Serbian.
The Montevijzija show and D-Moll's FB name Eminić as the Heaven wordsmith, so I assume Miličić wrote the original version lyrics.

Montenegro had five songs in the Montevizija final on February 9.
You can listen to all here at RTCG

Heaven - New version
- video
Heaven - original
- at RTCG website
The original version Ti remains unreleased (so far).

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RTCG Montevizija pages
D-Moll FB

North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska - Proud

Digital release image
Tamara Todevska (Тамара Тодевска) will represent North Macedonia (the country formerly known as the former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia, TCFKAFYROM)  in Tel Aviv. The song titled Proud will be presented later.
The song is written by Darko Dimitrov, Robert Bibliov, Lazar Cvetkoski, Kosta Petrov and Sanja Popovska.

The song was revealed on March 8. Watch and listen here.
It was released, along with the karaoke version, through the digital store.
You'll have to look under Tamara (without the Todevska)

Eurovision fans know Tamara from the 2008 entry Let Me Love You with Vrcak & Adrian Gaxha (see below).

Tamara has some Eurovision experience.
She was a backing singer in Istanbul for Toše Proeski in 2004.
In 2007 she finished second (behind Carolina Gocheva) in the Macedonian selection with Kazi Koj Si Ti (Tell me who you are).
In 2008 she and her pals won the Macedonian final with Vo Ime Na Ljubovta (In the name of love) which became the Eurovision entry Let Me Love You (see below).
In 2014 she was a backing singer for her sister Tijana Dapčević (To The Sky)
In 2015 Tamara ended second at home again with the song Brod Što Tone (Sinking ship)

Picture from Tamara's Facebook
Proud - karaoke
- digital releases

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Tamara Todevska FB, Insta

Memory lane: Let Me Love You
In 2008 Tamara Todevska teamed up with her mates Vrčak (Rade Vrčakovski) & Adrian Gaxha for the Macedonian national final. Their song Vo Ime Na Ljubovta won and went to the Belgrade contest as Let Me Love You.
Here's the 2008 entry from The Belgrade Collection* and the Eurovision Collectors Guide.
Let Me Love You ended 10th in the second semi in Belgrade, but at the time there was a rule allowing the juries to pick an entry from each semi to proceed to the final. Bummer for Tamara and her chums, she ended 10th but the jury picked Charlotte Perreli's Hero (Sweden) over Let Me Love You.

Let me love you (english)
Vo ime na ljubovta (macedonian)  
             Во Име На Љубовта - Тамара, Врчак, Адријан
Vo imya lubvi - Bo имя любви (russian)
Dasuri mistike (albanian)
Tebe volim (serbian) Russian, Albanian & Serbian have some rap bits in English
Yoksun  (turkish)
Russian, Albanian & Serbian versions have some rap bits in English 
- on 8-track promo cdr, has all above plus English & Macedonian karaoke (MRT MП 45004)
- on 8-track promo cds/DVD set (also MRT MП 45004), the DVD has 6 (language) videos.
- an earlier DVDr has the same 6 videos.
Vo ime na ljubovta (first macedonian ,version as in NF)
- on CD Eurovision Skopje 2008 (MRT MП 45003)
Vo ime na ljubovta (macedonian album version)
- on 2009 Vrčak CD Sedmo nebo (Седмо Небо) (Produkcija Republika ‎001)

* You won't find the Belgrade Collection on the net, it was a word document. But the Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2018 is up for grabs.